Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello, lovelies!

I have my first Winter/Christmas mani to share with you today.  I wanted to start off my holiday nail arting with something simple.  Well... simple looking lol.  Snowflakes have been a work in progress for me (last year's snowflake mani was disastrous!)...

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, french tip, frenchie, red, red tip, Christmas, snowflake, nails, nail art, nail design, mani
 Colors Used:  China Glaze - Ruby Pumps, Daisy Nail Lacquer - White Diamond

I really like the way these turned out!  Simple and elegant :)

I started by free-handing my tips with Ruby Pumps (1 coat over a red base).  I couldn't capture the sparkle in my photos but it really is like looking at Dorothy's slippers.  I then used light, short strokes to make my snowflakes.  It was a tad bit time consuming because I was doing my typical OCD, strive for perfection thing lol.  It all got top coated with Color Club Clear.

I'm definitely feeling the Christmas spirit this year.  I can't wait to get our tree!

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. I'm in love with this mani!! Your snowflakes look flawless! Mine always end up looking like a big mess, I have an anxiety attack just thinking about how I would do my left hand haha! Don't be so hard on yourself, your snowflakes from last year look AMAZING! Here's mine.... see it could always be worse!!! Oh and I'm sending you an email so look for that shortly!! :-D

  2. Soo gorgeous!!

  3. Lol! You crack me up :P I really like your mani! That polish is a stunner and your snowflakes look awesome (I really like the roundness of them!). Thank you so much for the love and support girl. I emailed you back ;)

  4. Cute snowflakes! They look so good :)

  5. I love this! Your snowflakes look amazing - I always find them really hard to do! The red tips look great! :)

  6. VERY pretty and you can definitely see a progession from last year. Ruby Pumps is so lovely that I'm gifting a bottle to two friends this Christmas. I'll be keeping an eye out to see what other Xmas manis you'll be doing. No pressure haha.

  7. girlllllllllllll you betta!!!!