Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spellbound Nails Glitter Toppers

Helloooooo my lovelies!!

So it's been about 2 weeks since my last blog post.  "Where the heck have you been??", you might be asking.  Well, I got sick and then I got busy with family and then... I lost my passion for polish... *gasp!!*.  I have no creative mojo right now and I don't know how to get it back.  I'm in need of some serious nailspiration :\  I've decided to go back to basics (polka dots, stripes, skittlettes) in the hopes that I will become adventurous with my nail art once more.  That's enough updating for one post.  Onto the swatches!

Today I have a mix of 5 glitter toppers to share with you.  These polishes are hand mixed with a whole lot of love by one of my favorite indie brands, Spellbound Nails! (*disclaimer)

 Snow White's First Bite

This is a beauty I have been eying for a while.  When Ashley sent it to me for review I literally squealed lol.  Inspired by the Evil Queen (Grimhilde), Snow White's First Bite is a gorgeous mix of green, purple and black glitters.  I layered one coat over a lavender base.  Application was wonderful; the glitter applied smooth and evenly (no muss, no fuss!). 

Fairest of All

 I was surprised by this polish.  In the bottle I couldn't see the potential, but once I tried it on I was sold!  Fairest of All is a mix of  yellow gold and blue dots, yellow gold holographic and blue micro-glitter, red hex and various sizes of white glitter.  There's a lot going on but the glitters compliment each other so well.  Pictured is one easy coat over taupe.

 Purely Purple

Do you love purple?  Well so does the maker of Spellbound Nails, Ashley!  Purely Purple is a lovely mix of dark purple, lavender and lilac glitters in various sizes.  I like this glitter topper quite a bit and am now second guessing the white base :\  Maybe black would have been better?  I did find that the large dark purple glitters were prone to sinking in the bottle.  Instead of trying to fish and make a mess, I turned the bottle upside down for a few minutes.  The glitter piled on the brush after that and made application a cinch!  I used the dab a drag method with this polish, with one-ish coat being applied.

 Glitter Explosion

Another surprising polish that is deceiving in it the bottle.  Glitter Explosion is just that... a crazy-packed mix of holographic glitter and rainbow shimmer in hexes and squares and stars in silver, gold and navy blue.  These weren't my school colors in high school, but that's exactly what it reminds me of haha (go, fight, win!).  I love love love the look of this glitter, especially over yellow!  Application was smooth, no fishing for the stars required.  Shown is one coat.

 Pearls & Pastels

Ahhh my favorite of the bunch!!  I received so many compliments on this polish.  Pearls & Pastels is a mix of pearl white, pastel pink and blue glitters.  Such a delicate and gorgeous mix!  I could not stop staring at my nails... just so friggin pretty!!  Again, application was smooth and easy.  I did a little bit of dab and drag in a couple of places to get an even smattering of glitter. Shown is one coat over black.

I'm absolutely crazy about this indie polish brand; Ashley is such a sweet woman and I'm so thankful for the opportunity she has given me is showcasing her polishes.  If you haven't tried her product or have never bought an indie brand before, I highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop.  Amazing polishes from one amazing gal!

I will be working on some nail art over the weekend, but I'm very much out of practice (it's been about a month of plain polish) so keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Until next time!

Stef <3

* This product was provided to me for review.  I received no payment or other compensation for the review of this product.  The opinions stated here are completely my own.  The contents of this review are based on my direct experience with this product.


  1. Some gorgeous glitter toppers! I haven't tried anything from this brand but I'll have to once I'm off my no buy. Hope to see some great nail art from you soon too!

    1. Thank you Lisa! And good luck with the no buy... I always fail miserably with those lol :)

  2. So that's where you've been! I've missed seeing your nails around Facebook land but I know exactly what you mean. We all lose our mojo from time to time, I know I do and it always feels good to take a break before we get completely burnt out. I look forward to your simple art, you are smart to start back small! I don't own any Spellbound Nails but Pearls & Pastels and Glitter Explosion really speak to me! Gorgeous swatches on all of these and welcome back!

    1. Thank you so much Dani!! I almost PM'd you last week for advice because I know you took a break a while back. I feel out of the loop in nail news and my nail art has gotten a bit sloppy. But I'm not gonna give up just yet! Thank you for all of your support :)

  3. These are all great polishes! I've been wondering where you've been! Fair enough though, I think sometimes everyone needs a break! These glitter polishes are all so nice! Snow White's First Bite and Glitter Explosion look amazing! :)

    1. Thanks girl, I appreciate it!! I'm glad I'm not alone in loving these glitters ;)

  4. Awww! I'm glad your back dude. :) I really love this Pearls and Pastels glitter bomb. And I feel ya, I am so uninspired right now and my nails are so short. (Ugh... #nailproblems lol!)

    1. Thanks girl! Lol we'll be in the uninspired club together. We should throw a party! :P