Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm A Little Scotch-Irish?

Not really.  Well, I might be on my father's side, but we're not 100% sure.

Hello!  Lol.  I don't really have a great way to put this down into words so I'm just going to make bullet points as to what inspired my mani and we'll go from there :D

  • I have always been intrigued with Scotch-Irish customs and traditions, even as a child.
  • I am beyond excited to see the new Pixar film "Brave" that's coming out next week.
  •  I am marrying into a Scotch-Irish family (most likely resulting in black kids with red hair lol).  I wanted to pay homage to their heritage <3
  • I am a little obsessed with plaid right now :P
  • Green is an excellent color on me, in my opinion, and I haven't worn the color in a while.
  • I needed more practice with a striping brush.
So here it is, my Scotch-Irish mani...

 Colors Used: Julep - Leah, E.L.F. - Party Peach, Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow, Green With Envy and White On

I am in love with this mani.  Leah is the perfect green!  It painted on like a dream with 2 coats.  3 coats of the peach (which really is quite orangey) and then easy-peasy stripes.  If I didn't feel so compelled to change my polish daily, I would wear this for at least a week if not longer.

I topped this off with the fast dry topcoat that Julep sent to me in my June Mystery Box.  It smells extremely skunky and acidic to my nose, but it dries faster than any other topcoat I've used.  I am in love with it as well lol.

One last pic...

Julep, Leah, green, plaid, Scottish, Irish, Brave, nail art, design, mani
 Alright all, I'm going to enjoy my day off now!  Happy Thursday :)

Until next time!

Stef <3

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  1. I can hardly wait for my golden darling with curly ginger locks!!! Hurry up already!!! Oh wait... maybe not QUITE yet... LOL!!! <3