Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oriental Oaisis & I'm So Sari!

Hello, dolls!

As I mentioned last week....

First up is the polish I wore to church this morning...

  Crystal International - Oriental Oaisis

   I recieved 6 Crystal International polishes from my mother.  She works in the supplier diversity industry and is mentoring a small minority company that makes polish.  The owner of the company gave my tom-boy mommy a product that she will never ever in a million years use.  I am the lucky benefactor lol.  They will be my church mani's for the next couple of weeks ;)

Anywhosy, I don't know much about the company but I can say that this polish is of amazing quality.  Practically a one coater, my mouth was hanging open during application.  A deep raspberry creme is how I would describe this color.  This is 2 coats with OPI Rapidry Top Coat.

Retail: N/A

Sephora by OPI I'm So Sari!, teal, turquoise, glitter, holo, swatch, nails
 Sephora by OPI - I'm So Sari!

Time for the fun stuff!  I picked up this polish a couple of weeks ago when Sephora was having a clearance sale on their polishes.  One of the sales reps told me that they are discontinuing the polish line.  Altho it made me a little sad, I appreciated the discount.  

This polish is described as an "opaque turquoise with fine and chunky iridescent glitter".  I luuuuuurrrrv it!!  Because it's so sheer, I did 2 coats of I'm So Sari over a teal creme polish.  I topped it with OPI Rapidry Top Coat.

 I meant to do bottle shots, I don't know where my head was at.  Next Sunday you'll have them :D  I hope all is well with you ladies!

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. Gorgeous colors they both are! :)

  2. Love both of color (:

  3. Both are great colors! And is it just me or would the raspberry one look great with a matte top coat as well?