Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some Floral Inspiration!

Hello dolls!

Today's post is inspired by a blogger who fueled my obsession with nail art, Chalkboard Nails!  I have admired Sarah's work for a long, long time and I've had her "Hawaiian Floral" nail art pinned to my inspiration board for over a year.  I finally got the perfect polishes (in my opinion) to execute the look...

 Colors Used: Polish My Life - Birthday Suit, Drip Drop Nail Paint - Prototype #211, L'Oreal - Jolly Lolly

Original credit for this idea and design goes to Mr. Candiipants who inspired Sarah and thus inspired me :)  I really love the way this turned out!  

       I used a couple of awesome indie polishes in this mani.  The base is an ivory creme from            Polish My Life and it's amazing; 2 even coats of perfection.  The mustard jelly is actually a prototype from Drip Drop Nail Paint that I received when I purchased a grab bag on her site.  I call it Tampico because that's how it looks in the bottle haha.

 After applying my ivory base, I went thru with my jellies and blotted out some petals using the brush from the bottle.  I then took stripers in 2 different shades of green and brushed on some leaves.  Lastly I went back with my ivory polish and a small dotting tool to apply some dots to the center of my flowers.  I top coated and that's it!  It really is much easier than it looks, I promise ;)

Definitely a new favorite!

I'm trying to slowly make the transition from Spring to Summer with my manis.  The last couple of posts were pretty... bright lol.  I'm so close to just doing a neon overhaul!  Maybe it's time for me to resurrect "Neon Week"?

Until next time!

Stef <3

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