Sunday, April 29, 2012

Church Mani: Nail FAIL! :(

Hey there ladies,

I hope this Sunday has treated you well :)  My post today will probably be ranty and full of angsty irritation. Grrrr....

For starters let me just say that I am having a terrible, no-good, very-bad nail weekend (and it makes me mad!).  I bought some lacey nail stickers that I thought would be really cute as french tips on my nails for church today...

I bought these for $1.99 at a Rite Aid  drugstore
I applied 2 coats of CG - Love Letters to my nail beds.  Then I added 1 thin coat of  Sally Hansen -  White On to the very tips of my nails to "wrap" them.  And then I busted out the nail glue (to help secure the stickers) and started applying away...

I should mention that I did these yesterday afternoon before getting ready to see an LA Philharmonic concert (date night, woohoo! lol).  A) These were a pain in the butt to apply. B) From far away they were cute but up-close they looked like a mess.  Partially my fault, I suppose.  C)  They started to lift / peel off by the time we went to dinner 3 HOURS LATER!  I applied 3 coats of SV to these suckers and still they couldn't hang!  I was pretty peeved!

When we got home I immediately took them off and decided to do a simple frenchie with stickers on my ring-finger beds (because those were the only ones that stayed on well).  Aaaaand I mucked it up horribly!

Colors Used: Sally Hansen - White On, China Glaze - Fairy Dust
I was impatient with this mani because I was tired and I just wanted to go to bed.  I did a terrible job with the tips and then I didn't wait for them to dry before adding the Fairy Dust.  BIG mistake.  HUGE!  The Fairy Dust made the White On do this weird bubbling / smearing thing, but with only 5 hours of sleep left to look forward to, I wasn't about to start over.  So I Seche Vite-ed it and went to bed.
My tips for today:  Be careful as to what products you choose to use on your fingers and BE PATIENT!  Good manis come to those who wait lol :)
Until next time!
Stef <3

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