Monday, April 23, 2012

My name is Stefanie and I'm addicted to polish! :)

Yellow, Yellow!  I hope the day is treating you well :)

What I've got to share today are my recent polish purchases... which might be a little out of hand at the moment.  I have no shame!  :P

I've collected these beauties over the past week and a half to 2 weeks (I've lost track :/).  To start off with I have my recent purchase from Foever 21...

From L to R: Baby Pink, Faded Rose/Multi and Orange (I wish they'd come up with better names for their polishes!)

I've swatched these on my color wheel and, aside from the orange, they paint beautifully.  My only complaint would be that the Baby Pink is stupidly sheer.  I'm still glad I bought them :)

My next purchase was a few days later while I was at Target with my honey and 2 dear friends of ours.  I stumbled upon E.L.F.'s Spring Collection (I wish I had kept the box!).  These polishes are usually $2 a pop but the boxed set was being sold for $5... I had to bring them home lol.  And I'm so glad I did, they're wonderful :)

 From L to R: Coral Dream, Flirty Fucsia, Party Peach, Smokin' Hot

I don't know if it's just my set but the Coral Dream and Party Peach, in my opinion, should get together and do a name swap because they are incredibly confused!  I've double checked online and the bottles are labled correctly, so... I dunno... maybe I'm the confuzzled one...

These next 3 photos are from my VERY FIRST trip to an ULTA store... I thought I'd died and gone to my own personal polish heaven!  And here is why...

I've been looking for simple glitters and Essence for a while:

 From L to R: Pixel - Pixel Dust, Essence - Space Queen and Essence - Wanna Be Your Sunshine
These swatched beautifully on my color wheel :)

Swatched these on my wheel and loved them all!  I can't wait to wear them :)

I found ULTA's dupe for OPI's Rainbow Connection and a very pretty blue creme (scratch and flip):

 From L to R: Blue Streak (which is a little streaky at first) and Pinata-Yada-Yada

That dupe is definitely going in a jelly sandwich soon. Oooo maybe the Baby Pink!!  Idea formed... *ding*! :D

 But the most exciting part of the whole trip were these 2 pretties!

From L to R: Revlon's Posh and Whimsical! :D:D:D:D:D

I was acting like a giddy little girl in that store lol.  I've been eyeing Posh for a long time and they had it at a great price but I never, NEVER thought I would find Whimsical!!  I figured I'd jumped on the nail train too late and she (I'll call her Whimmy) was gone forever. She was the very last one, sitting next to Posh, and I almost walked right past her... YIKES!  To be fair, Whimmy was sitting in the display slot for Dream On aaaaaannnndddd she didn't have a place of her own anywhere that I could see.  She obviously was waiting for me to come and take her home.  And I'm so excited :D

One last thing to share!  I love painting others nails just as much as I love doing mine.  My Future Mother-in-Law (from here on out referred to as my FMIL) asked me to give her a mani that would match her outfit for Stagecoach (a country music festival) this year.  Together we brain stormed and came up with this...

She's happy, I'm happy and I hope you're happy :D

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. I can't wait to see the jelly sandwich with that dupe!

    Isn't Ulta just AMAZING!? Check out the clearance too, sometimes some pretty great stuff pops up in there!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Ulta now!! I want to go back tomorrow lol. I'll be doing that jelly very soon ;)