Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Mani's so far...

Hidey-ho and Happy Earth Day everybody!  My post for today consists of all the photos I've shared on my FB page with my girlfriends.  It was actually their positive support that pushed me to start this blog (hopefully I won't crash and burn!  haha).  All of these photos were taken with the camera on my HTC and a few of them have filters added because... well, I was just having a good time with my new phone :)  I was really surprised at how well the camera picked up true-to-life colors!  I'm no pro but I think the pics are decent.

I received the phone as a bday gift from my wonderful fiance (I will probably refer to him as my honey on a regular basis <3).  Around that same time I decided that the cost of getting my nails done, on a weekly basis, was taking away from our wedding savings. So I stopped going to the salon and started painting my nails myself.  And then I Googled images for inspiration.  And then I became obsessed!

Most of these photo's were inspired by photo's and tutorials I saw from A Girl And Her Polish, Chalkboard Nails, Copy That, Copy Cat, and Nailside.  A few were inspired by trends I saw on Pintrest.  And a couple I came up with on my  lonesome :)


Grey, blue, yellow, mint, polka dots, nail art, mani


Polka dots, clouds, yellow, coral, nail art, mani

 Yellow, white, polka dot, nail art, mani 

Gray, black, scalloped tips, nail art, mani



Spring, Easter, Skittles, baby chick, nail art, mani


 Black and white, polka dot, dalmation, nail art, mani 

 Spring, bee, flower, nail art, mani


Patchwork, glitter, purple, teal, silver, nail art, mani

Ombre, Skittles, french tip, nail art, mani

 My honey said he's gonna get me a point-and-shoot in a couple of weeks to support my new love (he really is the greatest!  hahaha).  I really hope you all enjoyed this post and I'm sorry if it's a little bit loooooonnng :P  I suppose that's all for now soooo...

Unrtil next time!

Stef  <3