Thursday, December 20, 2012

12 Mani's of Christmas #6... Snowman!

Hello there :)

Yikes!  I am soooo behind on posting!!  It's prime concert season for me right now and I've been working extra hours at work.  Our apartment is a disaster because neither of us have been home long enough to clean... so naturally the first chance I get, I'm sitting at the comp nail blogging lol.

The good news is I've almost completed all of the nail art for my Christmas segment. The bad news... I'll have to double up my posts to get them all up in time.  Oops!  Today it's a snowman...

 Colors Used: Julep - Annie, NYC -  Matte Me Crazy Matte Top Coat

I know... he looks ridiculous without a body lol.  Originally I was going to do snowmen on each nail but my time was limited :(  I applied two coats of Annie and then topped it with the matte polish.  It added a subtle effect that doesn't come thru well in the pics.  This blue is extremely shiny on it's own.

 See!  He looks much more normal here :)  

I used acrylic paint to do the snowman's head and nose, black polish for his eyes, and I made a franken pallet of color for the arms.  Doing this mani made me realize how few brown polishes I have.  I tend to stray away from brown polishes for obvious reasons tho hahaha.  

With the small end of my dotting tool, I used white polish to make the falling snow.

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I think he's pretty cute.  His name is Bob.

Hopefully I'll get another post out this evening *crosses fingers*.

Until next time!

Stef <3

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