Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - Day 1

Hello, hello!

I'm so excited about today's post because I am starting my very first nail art challenge :D   Debbie over at The Crumpet is pretty well known in the nail blogging world.  She has come up with the most popular nail challenges that you can find on the interwebs and this latest one is pretty fantastic!

From what I gather she has gotten together with her friend Ashley and come up with the "Tri Polish Challenge".  Details can be found on her blog, but the idea is to create 4 mani's each month using the same 3 polishes.  Now this post is coming just under the wire because I was sick in bed when I got home from work and I forgot :\  But I really do want to participate in this challenge so... here we go!

The Crumpet Trip Polish Challenge, March, Day 1, coral, green, purple, polka dot, nails, nail art, nail design, mani

Because I'm not feeling so hot, I did polka dots this first go around. Quick and easy.  It's my favorite go to design :)

And these are my polishes for the month... Spoiled - Let's Get Sushi, Sally Hansen - Green With Envy, Jesse's Girl - Spring Break

*Sigh*... I lurvs polka dots!

I'm hoping to come up with some genius nail art ideas using these polishes, but... that may not happen lol.  I'll have another tri polish mani for you Thursday :)  Don't forget to check out the other awesome mani's below!

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. Replies
    1. I figured if I have to use the same 3 polishes , I might as well make them fun ones lol. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Lovely dotticure , loving the polish choices!

  3. oh my goodness that is sooooo adorable. I love the colours

  4. Thank you ladies! I have no idea what to do with them next, but I'm definitely a fan of the color choices this month :)

  5. I love this combination of colours :D