Friday, October 4, 2013

"Bring Me A Rose..."

"... and I will sing you a sweet song." - Oscar Wilde

Good morning, dolls!

I'm continuing with my romanctical anniversary mani's today by featuring the red rose.  Red roses have symbolized love and amorous affections for a very very very long time and like most women... I'm a sucker for cut flowers lol...

Rimmel Black Satin, China Glaze, Hey Sailor, Fairy Dust, red rose, holo glitter, black and red, romantic, love, nails, nail art, nail design, mani
 Colors Used: Rimmel - Black Satin, China Glaze - Hey Sailor and Fairy Dust

I was actually inspired by Work, Play, Polish.  I love her Minnie Couture nails and thought the rose looked awesome.  While I think hers is leaps and bounds better than mine... I still love the way this turned out :)  Coincidentally I just realized that she also has the Eiffel Tower on her nails in that mani.  Maybe I had her subconsciously in mind when doing my last one?  I dunno!  I swear it was not intentional :P

This is 2 coats of black satin with a free-handed rose using my handy dandy striper and 1 coat of Fairy Dust on my middle finger.  I topcoated with Color Club Clear.

There's something very romantic about black and red.  I almost chose them as my wedding colors but then had a change of heart because they weren't "happy' feeling to me.  I'm a complicated cookie, ladies... in case you haven't already figured it out lol.

It's been a cool minute since I've welcomed my new followers.  Welcome!!  I'm so glad to have you with me on this nail journey.  And as always I thank my constant band of bubbly, bewitching, bedazzling, bombqastic (can you tell I'm reaching??), beauties that have stuck with me!  Love you all to pieces!!

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. Love this look! I need to try this :)

  2. Briana NailACollegeDropOutOctober 4, 2013 at 7:27 PM

    super cute!

  3. I absolutely love these. I have a thing for red and black together too. It's my favorite combo!

  4. I am just stunned with the way you paint this rose! Just must try it out on my own- it's totally awesome <3

  5. I am really bad at painting any flowery patterns but I think I will manage to do yours! thank you :D