Saturday, March 29, 2014

Neon Makes Me Happy!

Hello lovelies!!

How is your weekend going so far?  This is the first day I've had all to myself and it feels great!!  My hubby cleaned our home yesterday while I was at work (best present ever!!) so I've just been relaxing and doing my nails :)  I decided to play with some new purchases, gradient style ;)

 Colors Used: China Glaze - Strike A Rose and Flip Flop Fantasy, Julie G - 9 to 5

I started with a base of Jule G's "9 to 5".  I've seen lots of swatches of this neon peach polish and I've always wanted a bottle of my own.  So when I saw it on display while buying Dayquil the other day, I snatched it up haha.  Unfortunately after 4 coats the polish was still a streaky mess... argh!!  

 I moved on to Plan B... sponging!  From top to bottom it's layered CG's "Strike A Rose" (from the new City Flourish collection), "Flip Flop Fantasy" (a neon coral that I've loved forever) and then "9 to 5".  I used a triangular make-up sponge to stiple/blend the colors on my nails.  I then cleaned up my cuticles with a combo of Q-Tips, an angled brush and actetone.

 Totally makes me think of peaches!

Has anyone else used "9 to 5"?  I'm not crazy right??  Streak City bound!  Lol...

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. This is pretty! Your gradient looks flawless too :)

  2. i hate when a color I really want has a terrible formula. i've never bought any julie g's but I feel like I def won't now.

  3. Your gradient skills are amazing!

  4. This gradient is stunning! I wish I was as good at gradients as you - yours are flawless! :)

  5. Wow! One of the best gradients I've ever seen!:))

  6. It seems like these peaches are really picky about who they'll play nice with. They don't even look good on me so most the time I just let them be, lol, but I am really enjoying Zoya Cole at the moment. BUMMERRRRR that the 9 to 5 formula was so rude to you but the ensuing gradient is stunning!

  7. Wow this neon gradient looks lovely on your nails

    Xx julia

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