Saturday, March 22, 2014

OPI Sheer Tints

Hello dolls!

A very happy Saturday to you all!  I finally have an opportunity to sit down and post a mani that I did last week, using the new OPI Sheer tints :)

I stumbled across these beauties while on a blogger meet-up a couple of weeks ago and I had to have them all!  From L to R we have "I Am Never Amberrassed", "Be Magentale With Me", "Don't Violet Me Down" & "I Can Teal You Like Me"...

 Colors Used; OPI Sheer Tints, Spellbound Nails - Pishsalver (Drink Me)

I decided to try out the "watercolor" technique that I've seen being done with these polishes.  First thing I need to mention is that these polishes are thick like gel/jelly.  When I first was playing with them I tried to use a sponge... and ended up with cotton-candy like fly-away strings coming off of my nail beds.  It was a mess lol.  So then I went back to the drawing board...

I started with a white base and then used a nail art brush to start blotching on the colors.  I would soak my brush in acetone and then dip it into the polish on my palette; this allowed for a thinner consistency and easier layering/application.  I did end up with lots of bubble doing it this way tho (and I was about ready to hurl these polishes at a wall!! lol), so I pulled out Spellbound Nails' Pishsalver white glitter topper.  It was a vast improvement!

 So Springy!

Over all I feel like I can have a lot of fun with these polishes, but they are work.  I'll have to play with them some more in the future.  Has anyone else tried these polishes?  What's your experience been?

Until next time!

Stef <3

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  1. This looks great! Its so fun for Spring ;)

  2. Omg, this manicure looks gorgeous

  3. Wow I have heard so much about these polishes!! Your nails look wonderful!! :)

    Xx julia

  4. This is so nice! I like it! Its great for spring 2014!

  5. This design is amazing! The glitter topper works perfectly! It's a shame they are difficult to work with but the outcome is stunning! :)