Saturday, July 7, 2012

A La Mode

Hello, hello!  I hope your weekend is going well :)  I slept in for the first time is a while and it was great!  Just finished having breakfast with my honey and spending time on the couch with the fam-bam *sigh*... it's been nice haha.
Well, for today's mani I was inspired to do nail art that matched a new dress of mine (I have made a personal challenge to own 50 dresses by the end of the year, I'm halfway there!  I love love love dresses!  I found some on clearance at Target yesterday and snatched them up.)  I really like matching my mani's to my outfits, hence the title of this post.  Here is it's meaning according to Wikipedia...

à la mode
idiomatic: in the style; In the United States, the phrase is used to describe a dessert with an accompanying scoop of ice cream (example: apple pie à la mode). In French, it just means trendy. Boeuf à la mode for instance is a beef recipe with ale, carrots and onions.

The dress and sweater (currently being worn)...

And the nails...

Fashion inspired, OPI It Girl, Revlon Bare Bones, Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, polka dot, nail art, nail design, mani
 Colors Used: Revlon - Bare Bones, Sinful Colors - Midnight Blue, O.P.I. - The "It" Color

2 coats of each polish (3 for It Gril) and some simple dotting :)  Topped it off with Love & Beauty's Quick Dry Top Coat (found at Forever 21), love this stuff!  It is a close second to Julep's topcoat which I went gaga over lol.  Please excuse the horrendous state of my cuticles.  My skin has been ridiculously dry the past couple of weeks and nothing seems to be helping :(  I'm planning on upping the water intake.

My nails with the skirt...

Overall I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  I feel like they are very "me" :D

I have some exciting news to share... I've reached 25 followers!  Yayayayayayayyy!!!  Lol.  I'm so thankful and appreciative of you all, so as promised I am going to host a giveaway :)  Details will be coming soon and I apologize but it will only be open to US residents for the time being (so so so so sorry!).  With that having been said...

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. I freaking love this outfit and mani! So cute!!!

  2. I love these nails. I totally don't think you could have nails look like that and not be happy.

  3. wow! thats simple yet diferent, I love them :P