Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Ever Elusive Polish Haul!

Finally!  I shall share my addiction with all of you lol.  These are all polishes I have purchaed in the last 2 weeks...

 JLB Metallic Colection (L to R): Deep Sea, Purple Rain, Hot Coco, Jade, Chocolate Lava, Immortal Gold, Cherry Pop

Not the greatest polish names ever, but MUCH better that the numbering thing they had going on in the last pack I bought (maybe they heard my whining? lol).  They are all practically one coaters, which is typical for most metallics.  I actually bought these to try them out because I wasn't sure how I felt about mettalics/how they would look with my skin.  And for $7 I'm thrilled I took the risk!  They're great polishes :)

 Claire's - Candy Shop

A polish that has been talked about, sought after, fought after for about a year now.  I'd read about this Deborah Lippman dupe back in March and thought, "That looks yummy... I want one!".  While passing by Claire's last week, I found it sitting by it's lonesome on a shelf and snatched it up!  It looks like a promising purchase, I just don't know what to do with it yer hahaha.

Wet n' Wild's Saved By The Bell Collection (almost!): Pom Pom Kelly, Straight A Jesse, Nerd Alert Screech, Chick Magnet Zach, Fashionista Lisa

I did a small happy dance at CVS when I found these polishes and then promptly threw a fit when I realized that they were sold out of Pin 'Em Slater (neon yellow).  Curse all of you girls who bought the odd amounts of polishes... grrr!! *sigh*  I'll get over it eventually... ok, over it!  They all painted beautifully on my color wheel and I'm excited to play with them :)

(L to R): Love & Beauty - Salmon, Revlon - Cotton Candy, Spoiled - My Saturn Broke Down, Spoiled - Show Me The Money

An odd grouping of polishes to end with but... there you have it lol.  Cotton Candy was used on today's mani.  The salmon is SO incredibly sheer that it will probably have to be used over other oranges and pinks.  The spoiled glitters I bought just because.  No real reason lol.

Ok, that's all the postings I have for you today!

Until next time!

Stef <3

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