Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pick A Color, Any Color!

Hello lovelies and happy mid-week!

Today's mani is more of a swatch than nail art and I hope that's ok (I promise they're fun colors!).  First, the story :)

I was out at dinner when a friend of mine shot me a text telling my that CVS Pharmacy was having some of their Wet n Wild polishes on sale for $0.69!  I got so excited that I ran straight over there after my meal was done haha.  When I arrived, I realized that it was a sale for their "Wild Shine" line only, a polish collection I've picked thru for the last couple of months.  All of the colors they did have that I don't own, I don't want to own lol.  So I left the display behind and felt a little bummed.

On my way out of the store, I stumbled upon some Revlon scented nail polishes that I had to check out!  I ended up walking away with these...

Bubble Gum, Mad About Mango, Beach, Ocean Breeze

Bubble Gum and Mad About Mango both smell fruity / like candy.  Beach I found interesting because it very much smells like sunscreen (not my favorite scent in the whole world haha).  Ocean Breeze is reminiscent of a light, watery cologne.  Very fresh, very nice :)

There were other scented polishes on the rack with these beauties but they weren't as bold and summery looking.  They just didn't have a place in my basket for this particular haul ;)  Here's what I did when I brought them home...

 Colors from L to R: Ocean Breeze, Bubble Gum, Beach, Mad About Mango

I love these colors!  They're bold and they have pizzazz :D  My one and only complaint would be about beach.  It is too sheer.  Like boogers-on-my-nails-because-I-just-picked-my-nose sheer.  I couldn't stand it!  So I put 1 coat of Sally Hansen's Green With Envy on my nail and then applied 2 coats of Beach.  Mucho better!

And the pretty shot...

I'm really excited that scented polishes have regained their popularity, I feel like I'm 10 again!  Lol.  Have any of you bought scented polishes yet?  I definitely recommend it, if just for nostalgia reasons :P

Until next time!

Stef <3