Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spooky, Scary?

Heeeeeeyyy!  How's it goin'?  Do you hate me for being gone for so long??  :(  It's not my fault, I promise!  There just aren't enough hours in the day lol.  Between work, wedding planning, apartment hunting and shopping for things to fill our eventually-new-place... I'm pooped!  But I have missed you all lots and lots :)  On to nail art?

My mani for today was not inspired by anything.  Zip, zilch, nada.  I couldn't sleep Friday night because I was dumb and drank far too much coffee around 6 o'clock in the evening haha.  So I got up and started getting creative.  I knew that I wanted to use one of my new metallic polishes by JBL (which I got in a nail haul that I plan on sharing with you at some point this week).  I also wanted use my stripers from Sinful Colors.  Here's the end result...

 Colors Used: JLB - Purple Rain, Sinful Colors Nail Art - Time Off (black) and Bad Chick (white), Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow

I've been told that they look like trees/branches, a forest at night with fireflies/stars, lightening, Tim Burton inspired, etc.  I have to say that I agree with all of these statements hahaha.  I really just went to town hoping they would turn out alright.  I am quite fond of them :)  (side note... this mani is still on my nails... I'm pretty sure this is the longest I've ever kept a mani on!)

JBL Purple Rain, spooky, tree branches, forest, stars, night, scary, nail art, nail design, mani

Plans for the near and no-so-near future:
  • A polish haul ;)
  • A giveaway for my 100th post! (This is post #79 :P)
  • A vote/poll on which mani you would like to see a tutorial of (this will be in it's own post)
Alrighty chicas and/or chicos, that's it for now :)

Until next time!

Stef <3

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  1. This is my new favorite of yours!! Totally love it!

    I also love love love that you take pictures of your nails in the car too! I'm not the only one =)