Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My First Zoya Polishes!

Good day, darlings!

I'm finally going to share my Zoya swatches with you.  In the last month I have acquired my first four Zoya polishes.  Three of them were FREE (minus shipping)!  I took advantage of the "Try 3 in 2013' promo they had going in January.  The other was purchased while on a trip to Ulta :)  I''ll start with the freebies and end with the purchased bottle...

Zoya, Morgan, hot pink, fuchsia, swatch, nails, nail art, nail design, mani

I really loved this polish and that's saying A LOT because hot pink is one of my least favorite colors.  When I saw the swatch for this polish on the website, I thought it looked like a fuchsia creme.  I was shocked when I opened my package and found this.  I thought it might dry darker (as polishes will sometimes do), but nope!  It was just a vibrant as ever... and I drooled!

Zoya, Yara, olive, creme, gold glitter, nails, nail art, nail design, mani

An olive-creme polish with gold glitter.  Again, I really enjoyed this polish!  I was looking for an olive green polish to add to my collection and thought this one looked better than most.  Funny enough, a week later my February Maven box came in and I got another olive polish, Laura.

Zoya, Ivanka, green, glass flecked, glitter, glitz, nails, nail art, nail design, mani

I've heard this polish described as a glass flecked polish.  It is super sparkly and glittery, but I'm not sure I like it :\  I feel like it's really pretty, just not on me?  I dunno.  Maybe I'll use it in a St. Patty's mani haha.

Zoya, Blaze, raspberry, jelly, holo glitter. holographic, nails, nail art, nail design, mani

I cannot say enough good things about this beauty!  It is my fave of the four.  A raspberry jelly-base with flecks of holo glitter... it's amazing!!  I want to wear this polish all of the time and I may have to go back for another bottle.  This is from last year's winter collection and there are a couple of other pretties I was eyeing next to this one ;)

Overall, I've had a positive experience with Zoya's polishes.  I do think that the formula on all of these is pretty thin.  Not necessarily a bad thing, just different than what I'm used to.  I'll definitely be making Zoya purchases in the future :)

Until next time!

Stef <3

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