Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Weekend Beauty Field Trip!

Good evening darlings!

I had a weekend full of good food, great friends and fantastic finds :D  I will get back to sharing my Valentine mani's tomorrow, but tonight is all about my haul!

These are all of the pretties that I acquired yesterday :)  Between Ulta, Sally's, Forever 21 and the mail-man, I had a very wonderful Saturday!

Starting with my trip to Sally's (L to R)... Orly - Beverly Hills Plum, Shine On Crazy Diamond and Sec N' Dry Topcoat.  I also found some mini scented Color Club Polishes on clearance! Berry and Bright, Ho-Ho-Holly, Gift of Sparkle and Snow-Flakes.  According to blogger Kayla Shevonne, this set from Sally's is diffrent than the sets that were sold elsewhere.  She also says that they are scented while others are not.  Starnge...

Onto my Ulta trip.  Gaahhh!!  I was planning on picking up one or two of the Liquid Sands (if there were any left!) and I came across the last box on minis.  I couldn't pass them up!!  I also found Zoya's Blaze, a berry holo from their 2013 holiday collection.  I am in love <3

Swatches of the liquid sands (L to R)... Get Your Number, Can't Let Go, The Impossible, and Stay the Night.  I'm loving this new trend in polish (never really got into the shatters/crackles or magnetized) and I'm so excited to see what other textures will be coming out this upcoming season. I'm going to show full swatches of my fave-of-the-bunch, Get Your Number, and Zoya's Blaze after Valentine's Day :)

Forever 21... Always a good time :D  I found a raspberry scented polish, a nail art pen with rhinestones included (eeee!!), a pear scented lotion (their body lotion really is wonderful) and Untamed Love, a very clean/fresh/floral perfume.  Me loves to smell good haha.

After all of that shopping I came home to find that the mail-man had brought my Julep Valentine's Mystery Box!
 Carrie, Maria, Morgan, Perta and a code for a free polish of my choosing :)  It also came with a pale pink lip gloss (Camellia), but see as I never-in-anyway-shape-or-form want to look like Nikki Menage... I gave the pretty lippy to my shopping buddy the Fashionista.

Here is a swatch of the pretties.  I genuinely enjoy all of the colors I got.  I think that may be a first for my mystery boxes lol.

So I know this was a long post and if you read it all the way thru, you deserve a cookie!  So... go get one!!  Hahaha...

Until next time!

Stef <3

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