Friday, February 15, 2013

OPI Get Your Number


I am so excited about today's post :D  I know that everyone has been posting swatches of the Liquid Sand collection, but I had to dedicate a post to the best of the bunch.  I mentioned in Sunday's post that I acquired the mini set of 4 sands while on a field trip to Ulta...

The texture of these polishes are kind of like an oxymoron!  I would describe them as coarse-smooth.  it's the best I can do lol.  I don't love the feel of them, but it's tolerable at the same time.  The effect, when looking at the nails, is very cool.

Get your number is the most glitzy of the four sands.  Blue has never really been one of my favorite colors, but this polish is just awesome!  The photos above are purposely blurred to show off the glitters ;)

I don't want to take this polish off.  I feel like my nails have an indestructable (and glitzy) shield!

Another new favorite :D

Until next time!

Stef <3

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