Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Time To Re-Organize!

Good morning, lovies!

I was up until 2 a.m. getting some serious cleaning/organizing done on my nail area.  Crazy, right?!!  It started with me deciding that our apartment need a deep cleaning.  I am pretty good at keeping the apartment clean, but it's not always tidy lol.  I purged, I scrubbed... I still have things I want to do (like base boards, doors/handles, etc).  Needless to say, my Helmer fell into this equation...

First off let me say that I LOVE my Helmer!  I would recommend it for anyone with a goodly sized polish collection.  I was storing 110 polishes in shoe boxes when I finally went down to Ikea and bought one (skim past the pink mani to see the original deets on my unit).  My collection has tripled since lol.

While I was at Target on Monday, I picked up a roll of fun liner for my drawers.  I was tired of my polishes falling over every time I closed my drawers.  Soooo much clanging!


This is Con-Tact Brand grip Prints.  It's 18in x 4ft (45,7cm x 1,2m) and was the perfect amount for my 6 drawers.  Seriously, all I had left over was trimmings.  It's non adhesive and washable.  For $5 is was a great buy.

 Spring Cleaning, Ikea Helmer, nail polish storage, nail art storage, cabinet, drawers 

 This is the top of my Helmer.  It is where I store my polish removers, cuticle remover, scrubs, files, brushes, dotting tools, scissors/sharp things. I use the tray to hold challenge polishes, products that need reviewed and polishes that need swatched/are untried.

My assemblage!  I love this liner so much, it makes me so happy hahaha :)  Once I had all of the liners in and I re-organized the drawers, I taped labels down.  The original ones that came with the unit kept falling out and got lost.  I cut out new ones and anchored them with double sided tape :)

My first drawer is labeled "Nail Art Supplies".  Fimos, sponges, pens, beads, glitters, flowers, stickers.. and that's just at a glance!  This drawer is full of goodies.

 Spring Cleaning, Ikea Helmer, nail polish storage, nail art storage, cabinet, drawers

My second drawer is labeled "Bases, Tops, Cotton Rounds, Etc."  This drawer is dedicated to nail care and the random odds and ends (like nail wheels haha)

Aaaand the polishes...

"White, Grey, Black, Pink & Red" and "Orange, Yellow & Green"

"Blue & Purple" and "Nude, Brown, Gold, Glitter & Misc."

 As you can see, my glitter drawer is almost full.  I will most likely move my golds and nudes into the blue/purple drawer.  With the drawer liners, my polishes are sitting nice and sturdy.  No more clanging :D    But now, at 320 polishes, I've asked the hubby for another Helmer ;)  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would become such a crazy nail polish hoarder!  Lol.

I'll have the Day 4 of the April TPC up tomorrow :)

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. This post makes me want a Helmer badly. I'm so ready to ditch my melmers. That draw liner is very pretty. It doesn't even look like regular look. I'll have to look in Target the next time I'm there.

    1. I had considered getting a melmer, but I just didn't have the desk space. Target had quite a few different patterns for the liners. I'd love to see what you choose :)

  2. Ohh my my!!!! Your Colllection is a, and the way you have arranged them, I would want to lock me up in the romm with polishes and not come out for days :P

    1. Lol if I didn't have so many other things to do, I'd want the same thing! ;)

  3. i just bought this thing, hopefully will organise it as well as did ;)