Monday, April 22, 2013

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Hello, dolls!

I hope you all had safe and happy weekends :D  Mine was quite long but had moments of pure awesomeness lol.

Well, I've decided that my mani's this week (aside from the final installments in the Tri Polish Challenge) are going to be set around one color... mint!  It is an extremely popular color in fashion and style right now.  I feel like everyone has a different idea of what the shade of mint actually is.  I'm just going to be showing the options :)

Colors Used: China glaze - For Audrey, Sally Hansen - Blaze

I've heard a lot of people refer to For Audrey as a "mint polish".  While I don't necessarily agree, it is a fantastic polish to have in ones collection.  Personally, I would classify this beauty as more of a pale turquoise...

 Blaze is 2 coats of jelly-coral goodness.  Another great polish to have.  After trying to use chevron guides (and failing miserably), I elected to free-hand the design.  The lines aren't as clean as I would prefer but I do like the overall look of the mani :)

I'm excited about the manis I have to share with you this week!  The blog will be looking pretty diverse ;)

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. You're right! Mint is such a big thing right now...rightly so, it's gorgeous! Great mani!

    1. Thanks chica! Yea, I noticed it was pretty popular last spring. This year it's just kind of blown up lol.