Sunday, September 1, 2013

Monsieur, Natasha & Korin!

Good morning, lovelies!

It's that time again...

Sundays Are For Swatching, swatch, swatches, nail polish, colors, colorful, mani

The "normal" polish I'll be wearing to church this morning is...
Crystal International Monsieur, nude, beige, swatch, Sundays Are For Swatching, nails, mani
 Crystal International - Monsieur

Have I mentioned that I love love love nude polishes?  I went thru a bit of an obsession a few months back and have been refraining from wearing them all the dang time haha.  When I saw that this came in the box of 6 Crystal polishes I recieved, I was stoked!  As with any nude polish I've ever tried, Monsieur is a bit streaky.  This is shown with 3 coats and top coat.

Reatil: N/A

Julep Natasha, orange, red-orange, crelly, bright, swatch, Sundays Are For Swatching, nails, mani
 Julep - Natasha

Natasha is described by Julep as an "intense orange crème".  Now here is where I disagree with them.  Intense... yes!  Crème... absolutely not!!  I was a little disappointed when this polish came in the mail because it was not at all what I was expecting.  It is much more of a jelly/crelly than a Crème.  It is very streaky and required 3 coats.  I still had a visible nail line after 3 coats, altho you cannot see it here and that was a little irritating.  On the plus side... I really like the color lol.

Julep Korin, green, lime green, swatch, Sundays Are For Swatching, nails mani
Julep - Korin

Korin is described by Julep as a "spring green crème".  I'm in total agreement this time!  Very creamy and also very gloopy. And streaky.  It's just been that kind of day haha.  I've had to add a few drop of nail polish thinner to make it manageable.  But I really love the color of this polish, so it was worth the extra effort.  At the time of me writing this, Korin is not available for purchase by itself on Julep's site.  It is paired with Drew in a "Watermelon Wedge" set for $19.99.  This is 3 coats with a top coat.

I'm really loving this Sunday swatching thing!  I hope you all are finding it helpful/useful/entertaining/not boring lol.  I've been tossing around the idea of doing a monthly round up of my favorite products I've used each month.  I know a lot of ladies do it, but there are lots of products I'd love to share :)   Any thoughts?

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. These are great colors! :) Love these Sunday posts!

  2. The green color is lovely! I'm loving the Sunday posts, they're definitely not boring :)

  3. Hahaha yaaaaay I'm not boring!! Thank for the love ;)

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