Friday, September 27, 2013

Platonic Love & Popped Tarts

Hiya lovelies!

Today's post is actually a swatch post.  I know I usually reserve swatchings for Sunday's, but I thought these beauties needed a post all their own...

I'm so excited to share this indie brand with you!  Let's get to it...

Platonic Love

This polish it a black jelly base with holo flakies and glitters mixed in...

Definitely reminiscent of outerspace, this is 2 coats over a black base.  This polish was easy to apply/work with.  And I love the way it turned out!  I see a galaxy mani in my future ;)

Fickle Fairy Potions, Platonic Love, black jelly, flakies, holo, glitter, jelly sandwich, nails, swatch

Popped Tarts

This polish is described as "a creamy off white crelly polish loaded with glitters in several different shapes, colors and sizes."  I was drawn to this polish because of the neon glitter (I looooove neon glitters!!).  But I also really like the idea of an off-white crelly...

The affect is very subtle.  It's not a popping WOW kind of polish.  It's more of a, "Oh!  That's pretty cool..." kind of polish.  Does that make sense?  Haha 2 coats shown and while the formula on this one was thicker than I expected, it was still easy to work with.

Fickle Fairy Potions, Popped Tarts, off white crelly, neon glitter, jelly sandwich, nails, swatch

I really love both of these polishes, I can't say that I love one more that the other.  At $6.00 a pop, this is a great indie brand to try out (especially if you haven't taken the plunge!).  Tonya is super sweet and I've enjoyed my correspondences with her :)  You can find Fickle Fairy Potions here.

Just to clarify, I did buy these polishes with my own moolah.  I try to be completely honest and transparent in my posts so that you all know exactly what's up :)

Until next time!

Stef <3