Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Neon Skittles Mani

Hello hello! :D  Yesterday was such a crazy day!!  Between going to the bank, shopping for a car, purchasing a car, going back to the bank aaaaaannnndd we had a singing gig in the evening... I'm pooped!  We did end up getting a car that's within our budget and we're really pleased with it, so it's a great thing.  Downside... I had no time yesterday to do any chores!  So I'll have to keep this post brief... again... the second day in a row... I'm sorry :(

For today's mani, I wanted to play with the neons in my collection...

Neon, skittles, nail art, maniNeon, skittles, nail art, mani

Neon, skittles, nail art, mani
Colors Used: Love & Beauty - Orange, Cosmetic Arts - Explosive, Savina - Power Up, Ulta - Blue Streak (not a neon), Sinful Color - Dream On

I really don't have much to say about this mani.  It's very bright and fun, which is why I decided to do it in the first place haha.  I will say, if you've never used neon polishes before, they are thick and can be tricky to work with (the Savina is a bear!).  

So yea... I guess that's it... because I'm super lame and have to go be domesticated and stuff lol.

Until next time!

Stef <3


  1. Wow they definitely look very cute and fun!

    1. Thank you! I just bought some more neon ploishes today lol... I'm out of control! (I really like your blog btw, you have great style :) )