Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Think Pink... Tape Mani! (kinda)

Hello hello hello!  Happy hump day!  Lol.  I can't believe it's already Wednesday!!  One more day of work and then it's the weekend for me (and I get paid on Friday which means I will most likely be buying more polishes haha) :D

For today's mani I decided that I should try out the taping technique, taping off sections of my nails to create a fun design.  And I failed miserably!  I couldn't paint fast enough, so the polish would start pulling up with the tape and I ended up with stringy/gloppy lines.  It irritated me to no end!  So I took it all off and started over freehand.  This was much much easier for me to do.  Any lines that weren't quite straight I fixed with acetone and my angled brush.  I then added some striping and glitter to dress it up and this was the final look...

Colors Used: JLB - 02 (light pink), JLB - 05 (pepto pink), O.P.I. - Pirouette My Whistle

I know, I know... I use Whistle a lot :\  But it's the perfect glitter in my collection because it's not overwhelming while still adding some pop!  I really like it :)  Here are some more pics...

And one final shot...

 Pink, tape mani, striping, glitter, O.P.I., Pirouette My Whistle, nail art, design, mani

I realized last night that I said I would have pics to show you of my polish storage and I never posted them... how terrible am I??!  So here it is (after the jump of course :P)...

For a while I was storing my polishes and nail art supples in shoe boxes.  It was fine for a while there but as my polish collection grew, so did the amount of boxes and it started to become a cluttered/unsightly mess!

I began shopping around for anything that would help me better organize my pretties.  I considered nail/wall racks but I am pretty terrible at hanging things on walls.  I also considered a bookshelf but, as a Californian, I was concerned that an earthquake might knock it over and it would become hundreds of dollars lying is a broken colorful mess.  I wanted something small, mobile-ish and affordable... not too much to ask for right?  Right!  Because what I found was this...

It is called a Helmer and it is magic I tell you!  In frustration, I googled polish storage and read a lot of blogger testimonials about this wonderful little cabinet :)

It is sold by Ikea for $39.99.  With tax I paid $43 and some change.  It took me about an hour to put together and I love it!  It is 27 1/8 in. tall, 11 in. wide and 16 3/4 in. deep.  It can apparently hold up to 800 polishes depending on the bottle size (I believe I read somewhere that it can hold 600 full size O.P.I. bottles, and they're the bigger bottles on the market).

This is how I set-up mine...

 Here is my Helmer all assembled...
 On top I have (from front to back) my Julep bag which holds scrubs/lotions/pedicure stuff, my salon style acetone dispenser (which I hate, it flails acetone every which way!). Nail polish thinner. An empty wafer can which holds my files, buffers and orange sticks. Brush cleaner.  And my roll of aluminum for removing pesky polishes :)

 The first drawer contains my nail art supplies.  Brushes, dotting tools, tape, glue, fimo canes, color wheels, etc.

 The second drawer continues with supplies, focusing on nail care. Remover, cotton rounds, base coats, strengtheners, cuticle oils, etc.  It also holds my mini polishes,

 The third drawer holds my blacks, greys, whites, reds and pinks

The fourth drawer holds my yellows and oranges.

 The fifth drawer holds my greens and blues.

And my sixth drawer hold my purples, glitters, neutrals (nudes and browns) and crackle/special polishes.

I am immensely pleased.  During this process I was able to count my polishes and I am at a whopping 110!  I can't believe I have accrued so many!!  Lol my honey thinks I've gone off the deep end... maybe I have :P

One last thing.. I have read about a similar product nicknamed the "Melmer" which is sold at Michaels.  From what I understand it's cheaper, has 3 drawers and can rest on a desk?  It sounded decent but not really what I was looking for.  My motto tends to be "go big or go home!" lol.

Ok ok ok... I'm tired of typing and, if you've made it through this entire post, you're probably tired of reading.  Off I go :D

Until next time!

Stef <3 

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