Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing with Polish!

Good morning all!  How are we doing today?

I've been (temporarily?) hit by the polish fairy and I have so many nail art ideas I want to throw your way!  I'm pretty excited about them teehee :P  But for today's mani I have swatches to show you...

A friend of mine was telling me about some lovely Revlon Colorstay polishes that she really likes and lent them to me so that I could swatch them and see what I thought...

 Sorbet, Vintage Rose, Blue Slate, French Roast 

Now when I first saw them I thought, "Well, they look cute.. but I'm not seeing the wow factor."  These beauties proved me wrong!

The formula for all of them was amazing and they were opaque in 2 coats (sorbet required 3)!  The brush is wide-ish and long, which I really appreciate with my rather lengthy beds ;)  I'm in love with them all!!
I wanted to show a picture of the French Roast because I've never seen a brown polish with rainbow shimmer in it before.  It's a subtle, lovely touch that totally hooked me.  I now want to go out and purchase all of these polishes because they're just so darn pretty.  And did I mention that clean-up was a cinch with these?  Big plus!

 I then decided to apply 1 coat of O.P.I. - Pirouette My Whistle and I was over the moon lol.  And even though this was just a swatch I wore it out while running errands because I wasn't quite ready to take it off :D

Thank you to my darling friend (and fellow Alto) for letting me play!  She will be getting these polishes back from me this evening at rehearsal, albeit VERY grudgingly :P

Until next time!

Stef <3

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