Monday, May 28, 2012

Think Pink... By Complete Accident!

Good Morning!  Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the states :) 

Today's mani is actually what inspired me to do a whole week of pink!  I wanted to do a jelly sandwich again because I think they're really fun.  I also wanted to use polishes that I hadn't opened up yet.  I did not expect it to become a pink-glittery-girly-thing.  Here's what happened...

Colors Used: O.P.I. - You Callin' Me A Lyre?, Love & Beauty - Faded Rose/Multi, Konad - Special White, Rimmel - Black Satin

 I layered 2 coats each of Lyre and Rose (jelly sandwich style), I was expecting the Rose to be a deeper magenta color :\  The reason I used Konad White (a stamping polish for those who are unaware) is because I'm fed up with the thin streaky polishes I currently have.  The Konad is almost the consistency of White-Out and I figured it would do the job a lot better and a lot faster than my other whites. I added white and black striping thinkng that it might help dress up the look...

Pink, glitter, jelly sandwich, glitter sammy, accent nail, nail art, maniPink, glitter, jelly sandwich, glitter sammy, accent nail, nail art, mani

Pink, glitter, jelly sandwich, glitter sammy, accent nail, nail art, mani

 But it was still lacking something!  So I went back and added some white dots aaaaaaannnd... A matte top coat (excuse me while I get excited all over again :D:D:D:D:D:D)!

Pink, glitter, jelly sandwich, glitter sammy, accent nail, nail art, mani

I liked them so much that I kept them on for a full 24 hours lol.

Ok... I should explain my excitement over this simple top coat.  I was late to the matte polish game and by the time I went out searching for a matte top coat, there were none to be found.  I was getting desperate and about ready to shell out the $8 + shipping on Amazon for Essie's matte.  Luckily my cravings for mint-chip ice cream got the best of me on Saturday, so I popped over to Rite Aid and while I was there I perused the polishes and I found one!  NYC's Matte Me Crazy for $2!  And I LOVE it!!  Hahahahaha  :D

This will lead us into my polish haul for the past 2 weeks... after the jump... tada! 

Weeeeeeeeeeeee....You made it!!!  

Ok, here we go...

 China Glaze - Pool Party and Celtic Sun, Finger Paints - Inkblot Blue

I bought these at Sally's to round out my collection of neon polishes :)

 JLB - 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07

I found these at Ross in a gift set for $5.99.  Since I didn't have very many pinks in my collection I thought it would be a good investment.  I can't seem to find out anything about this company tho, which is kind of frustrating!  You will be see quite a few of these polish in my mani this week so stay tuned ;)

 O.P.I. - You Callin' Me A Lyre, Savina - Heavenly, Light Mist and Sparkling Waters

I went to Nordstrom Rack with my honey and he bought these for me :)  I am one polish away from have the entire NYC Ballet Collection by O.P.I.  It will be my first completed polish collection, woop woop!  He also bought me a few more Savina's.  Again I can't seem to find out much about this polish company.  I'm excited to wear Sparkling Waters.  It's a very pretty cool blue and it looks as if someone came by with fairy dust and exploded all over it, love it!  The Light Mist is also loverly.  Heavenly should be renamed "Hell In A Bottle"!  I've tried wearing it twice now since picking it up and it's awful awful awful!!  The first time I applied 3 coats and still had some really terrible "balding".  The second time around I started with a white base.  But again it was streaking and bald.  I'm a little peeved by this color.  It's ok for polka-dotting with so it can stay I suppose.

O.P.I. = My Boyfriend Scales Walls and The "It" Color, China Glaze - Holiday Berry Cuticle Oil

I went out with my future-mommy-in-law to do some shopping and I stumbled upon these pretties at a random beauty supply store.  My BF Scales Walls is from their new Spider-man collection and it's an off-white that I've been dying to try.  I got The "It" Color because I love yellow and I don't have enough yellow polishes!  It matches a jacket that I own and I can't wait to wear them together.  I also found CG's cuticle oil that they had out around Christmas.  I've read about it on other nail blogs and thought. "well... there's another one I missed!".  I am beyond delighted with it!  The scent it kind of a spiced cranberry... smells like Christmas :)

That was a VERY long post!  Lesson learned... don't put off polish hauls!  Have a great day all :D

Another friendly reminder that I plan on having a giveaway when I reach 25 followers so spread the word :)

Until next time!

Stef <3

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