Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A "Whimsical" Mani!

Greetings, friends!  It's mid-week and I'm just truckin' along with my mani's:)

Around a week ago I posted about my first trip to an Ulta store (which was amazing!).  While I was there I stumbled upon Whimsical by Revlon.  I've seen this polish on a lot of nail blogs and I was so excited to find it for myself but I had no idea how I was going to incorporate it into a mani... until now...

French tip, frenchie, blue, purple, whimsical, fimo, bow, glitter, nail art, man

French tip, frenchie, blue, purple, whimsical, fimo, bow, glitter, nail art, man
French tip, frenchie, blue, purple, whimsical, fimo, bow, glitter, nail art, man
Colors Used: Essie - Borrowed & Blue, Revlon - Whimsical, Jesse's Girl - Spring Break

I LOVE the way these turned out!  I put Essie on my tips before I applied the Revlon (because it's very sheer and I wanted the colors to pop!) and then I used a striping brush to apply the purple.  I brushed on a layer of top coat (Seche Vite) and then applied the fimo bows with glue.   I have some minor staining on my index finger that I plan on buffing out later (I think it came from the SH - Golden-I; I messed up that nail and had to start over and I think I forgot to redo the base coat).  Overall, I'm really happy with this mani :)

I've said that I want to do more than just nail art with this blog.  I want to share tricks and tips that I learn with you, so I'll start with a trick I learned on how to remove glitter polishes (they're such a pain!).  Click "Read More" to view the tutorial :)

I start by cutting 5 cotton rounds in half (I hear it works with regular cotton balls as well).  Then I soak them in Acetone (the acetone I use is scented and has vitamin E added to it hence the pink coloring haha). 

Place the cotton pad over your nail...

and then wrap it in a foil square.  I use a store-brand foil from the grocery store and cut it into squares with some scissors.

Doing one hand at a time I let them set for 3-4 mins and then remove the foil.
If you apply a little pressure while pulling away the cotton pad, the glitter comes right off!

A couple of  helpful hints:

  • Be sure to wash and moisturize your hands when you're done.
  • I only use 5 foil squares when doing this.  Once I'm done with one hand, I reuse the foil for the other hand ;)
  • I also use this method when I want to change my mani in a hurry.  It doesn't just have to be for glitter mani's.
  •  I'm going to repeat myself and say... moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Your cuticles will thank you later lol.
I'm planning on doing a "Products I Use" post in the near future for those of you who are curious...

I hope that today's post was enjoyable and informative :D

Until next time!

Stef <3

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